You are facing challenges for narrow web printing?
Discover how Aniflo can help you be successful!

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codimag margins

Decrease the total cost of ownership of your equipment!

Obviously, the more you decrease your production costs, the more margin you have!

In a competitive market, you have to :

  1. reduce the set up costs for each job (reduce waste and set up time to the minimum, reduce tooling costs)?
  2. increase printing speed?
  3. get the longest lifetime of your equipment?
  4. maximize the production output you can achieve with one machine?
  5. decrease working hours costs?

Guess what? Aniflo technology is the answer to all this points!

With 3$ per plate, and maximum 6 colours per job needed, with just few minutes to change job, with up to 85 m/min in production, with lowest cost of consumables (inks, substrates), Aniflo is the most cost efficient solution on the narrow web market between 300 m and up to more than 10 000m run length!

Let’s do some maths

You have to print medium run job, let’s say 150 000 labels and 6000 m long. With the VIVA Aniflo, the total production cost is 6% below compared to flexo, and the total production time*, is 20% less compared to wet offset.

medium run aniflo

*total production time including set up, total production cost including pre press, amortization of the machine, waste, working hours, consumables.

65 € less compared to flexo. Small money ?

If you print this kind of job all year long, on a two shifts basis (16h per day) and 240 days per year, you are saving 125 000€ per year compared to flexo!

And if you are printing shorter run, the savings can be still higher! See article below.

Ok, let's sum up this challenge in a short video !

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codimag color matching

Reach the exact result your customers demand!

Aniflo is stable, so Aniflo is predictable!

Proof = press is no longer a dream, but an easily achieved goal!

Before going on press, you know what the result will be. Thanks to the Anilox inking system, you deliver an exact quantity of ink, along and across the web.

pantones aniflo

And no need to change the anilox if you want to adjust the density, simply change the temperature to change the viscosity of the ink. In few seconds you’ll see the result, without wasting more than few printing formats! And no need to adjust ink/water balance, it is waterless offset!

Let’s see how life is without Aniflo

With a flexo press, in order to achieve the right color, you may have to change the anilox, depending on design and application, pre-press... then adjust pressure for good result

With a wet offset, it is sometimes even more complicated, by setting up ink keys, ink water balance... You are wasting time and money just to get the color your customers expect !

With Aniflo you get the exact color you want !

Whatever is the way you are printing, either in direct pantones or in Expanded gamut printing (see our article mixing the inks or mixing the dots?) you know, before going on press what would be the result!

And if you need to adjust ink density, simply adjust temperature in the anilox. You adjust then the viscosity of the ink, thus adjusting the result, without changing anilox, nor wasting time or material!

aniflo stable predictable offset anilox

No ghosting, no inertia, no rubber rollers, no ink key settings... that's the magic part of Aniflo ! Discover more in this short video below.

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codimag special requests

Configure your press to make it unique!

  • You already have important markets and you are always using the same process for embellishments?
  • You have uneasy special jobs and you need to develop new techniques for your client’s requests?

Contact us to create the dedicated machine for you!

We can configure the exact machine for you, adapted to your markets. Wine & beverage, food, health & beauty, pharmaceutical, industrial, security…

We offer you the unique opportunity to get your tailor-made press, with the finishing units you want:

  • Hot foil stamping unit: very competitive with our foil unit, by using cheap magnesium dies instead of engraved cylinders and foil saving system reducing foil consumption up to 90%?
  • Flat bed foiling and embossing: the multi stroke capacity allows you to print in one pass multifoil, while reducing the cost of tooling
  • Screen printing unit: only one size of screen for all repeats!
  • Varnish / Lamination / cold foil unit / Die cut: magnetic cylinders for dies or flexo plates are so easy to set up!
  • Slitting, stripping, Inspection: Get a finished label in one pass!

Discover how to convert the most beautiful labels in one pass thanks to Codimag machines!

You can even choose the color of your press… like this beautiful pink machine, matching the color of the logo for the lucky and proud owner!

aniflo customized configuration color codimag

Ok, let's sum up this challenge in a short video !

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codimag technology

Invest in an open and state-of-the-art equipment!

How does it work?

aniflo gif

It seems quite simple right? Only 4 cylinders for maximum performances. Now let's have a look in further technical details and try to describe it more precisely.

aniflo technical details

Fewer settings to adjust to save time and money!

This concentrated Aniflo technology has been designed to reduce set up time and waste, by avoiding all variables.

  • Anilox is giving a consistent ink along and across the web
  • 4 cylinders with same diameter instead of rubber rollers and longer ink path to avoid inertia
  • Waterless offset to avoid ink/water balance
  • A patented temperature control regulation system to get the same density from set-up to production speed

Open and state of the art technology

Proudly designed and manufactured in France !

aniflo technical details

This technology is simple for converters, but requires a lot of R&D, and state of the art equipment. That's why we have been working closely with our trustworthy partners to create this top-class equipment, including UV from IST, temperature control from Technotrans, motion and electronic equipment from B&R.

Our latest generation of press includes OPC-UA standard to be ready to be implemented in a 4.0 industry factory where all machines are connected with the same communication protocol!

Take back control of your equipment!

Use the press the way you want, with the consumables you want! Decide what are the consumables you prefer, and integrate your press in an open and complete digital workflow.

The printing process is only one part of your production process. You deserve to work with the partners of your choice on press for plates, inks.... And many more partners for all the workflow before and after the press!

Our technology is open, so you are not stuck with the supplier that blocks you, such as digital press manufacturers who force you to buy their own inks, consumables and service!

HP digital press manufacturer

Ok, let's sum up this challenge in a short video !

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codimag short run

Digital printing is not the only answer!

More and more brands are asking for short run jobs ? We will show you how to restore margin in this challenging market trend.

Trends to shorter run are so many!

  • Increasing number of SKU
  • Decrease in the stock volume for end users
  • Special series or seasonal products
  • Just in time production workflow
  • New end user customers with small volumes (and you want to help them grow!)

Short run is no longer a trend, it is a reality to deal with!

How to face properly this challenge ?

  • Margins are decreasing while volumes are reduced per job
  • Fixed cost per job have to be controlled
  • Repeatability is key for jobs that will be printed regularly
  • Technology should be chosen depending on run length

Aniflo boosts your efficiency on short run, because it offers an opportunity face the multiple jobs to print.

  • Integrate your equipment in a complete digital & automated workflow from pre press to the press! Dealing with many files is not an issue in your workflow!
  • Reduce the cost of toolings, especially plate costs thanks to offset plates.
  • Reduce set up time & waste thanks to efficient inking unit, stability, predictability, repeatability! only few minutes to print the job at production speed!

Aniflo is the most cost-efficient solution on the narrow web market between 300 m and up to more than 10 000m run length… …but let’s focus on the short run!

Everybody is talking about digital, because it’s simple and it give the possibility to have random design labels.

Let’s do some maths! You have to print a 800 m long job, for 20 000 labels.

What would be the total cost of production, and what would be the total production time on various technologies?

aniflo alternative digital short run

Aniflo is the most competitive solution for short and medium run

I already hear you asking me : "Hey, these are your figures, how can you proove it?"

Yes we can proove it, and we will immediately

Here are some figures from our customers !

aniflo short run production customer

And even more...

Do you know the run length of the jobs printed by our customers with our latest Viva 340 Aniflo ?

56% of their jobs are below 1000m long

28% are below 500m

even 14% of their jobs are below 250 m !

Ok, let's sum this challenge in a short video!

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codimag versatility

Print on any substrates!

You are printing on a wide variety of paper and plastic? You intend to expand your business on new markets such as laminated tubes, unsupported films, Heat-sealed bags, in mold labels or shrink sleeves? You have exotic requests from your customer to print special jobs on cork, tin or wood? Aniflo technology opens new horizons!

Versatility is key to ensure growth for your business and reactivity for your customers. Because you don't want to change from one machine to another depending on the job! because it eases your production workflow, and make you more reactive for your customer...

Furthermore, you want to avoid pre treated material, to lower your purchasing prices of substrate, which is quite important in your yearly spending right ?

Of course, you also wish that you won't reduce the quality of printing, even on cheapest material...

Aniflo is the right solution for you, and here is why !

There are 2 things important to keep in mind to explain the versatility of Aniflo :

  1. it is offset,
  2. it is waterless offset !

Redundant ? not completely... let me explain.

Because of Offset, you are ensuring the quality of the inking process as you are using a blanket.

The ink transfer is easier, especially on uncoated substrates ! That is why Offset is appreciated in some demanding markets such as (but not only limited to) cosmetic or wine and beverage.

You can also enjoy printing with the superior quality of Offset (300 LPI, 5080 DPI), while being very efficient on short run (or longer one) thanks to cheap plate costs and low make ready time and waste.

And getting efficient when substrate is one your most important direct costs is an imperative, that leads us to the second point...

Because of waterless Offset !

Waterless offset printing technology is the reference for many applications :

  • Newspaper & Semicommercials : High speed web offset printing without ink zones, Absolute minimum waste in a very competitive market, Highest productivity with an ultra low set-up time and high speed printing, Superb printing quality even on low quality substrates
  • Security printing : The most demanding market for highest printing quality in terms of resolution (reproduction of finest security features). Expensive substrate and zero default quality.
  • Plastic cards : Expensive substrates, and Ability to print on thick non-absorbent material
  • Lenticular printing : Production of extravagant products with 3D effects, High resolution printing on special micro lens foils, Low waste on expensive substrate
  • Tube printing : High definition printing on convex tubes, Ability to print on very thick packaging materials, Low waste on expensive plastic tubes
  • Optical Disk Production : High speed printing directly on storage media, extremely low waste, on very expensive substrates

aniflo waterless offset versatility

So many complicated substrates printed efficiently thanks to waterless offset technology... So you understand better how you can be productive and efficient in label and packaging printing, thanks to Aniflo versatility !

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codimag operator skills

Ease your process with a machine easy to use!

At Codimag, we have always thought differently from our competitors. Instead of automating the machine and all the complex adjustments in the printing process, we have decided to suppress all the complexity at the very root of the technology. And this is how we have created Aniflo!

The simplicity of the design creates the simplicity of the process. Thus, that ease the complete process and then help your operators.

No need to be an “offset printer” to use Aniflo, because we have suppressed the variables that are creating the complexity of conventional offset process:

  • No ink water balance
  • No ink key settings
  • No ghosting
  • No inertia

And no need to be an “flexo printer” to use Aniflo, because all the instabilities associated to flexo have been removed!

  • No pressure adjustments
  • No sticky back plates
  • No cylinders to change

We are keeping the best of all technologies, and removing the pain points you have been facing for too long!

Choose a technology easy to handle
so training is shorter and ramp up is quicker

Retain your operators with a press they will love
because they can easily produce wonderful results

Give purpose to your staff
by giving them the perfect tool to do what they are: printers!

Still not convinced? Have a look at this customer testimonial. All the staff is delighted by this easy process !

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codimag service

Get the support you deserve!

Do you know that Superman and Wonderwoman are part of Codimag's team, working along with Annie Lox ?

She'll explain you more shortly, don't miss out our latests news!

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codimag delivery time

Streamline your production for maximum agility!

A last minute job or a urgent request from your most important customer ? Aniflo is helping you to provide the upmost quality of service!

All converters deserve Aniflo!

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codimag savings

Reduce the cost of inks, substrate and toolings

Inks, substrate and waste, or tooling costs are "killing you softly"? The more you save on all these consumables, the more competitive you are on your jobs, especially on the shortest one. Discover how in this article !

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codimag offline inline finishing

Print the way you want!

The perfect machine configuration ? The only answer is YOUR machine configuration, YOUR organization, YOUR needs for YOUR customers. What would be perfect is to find a press manufacturer flexible enough make your press unique, and be able to adapt their products for YOU.

I bet you are looking forward reading this article right ?

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codimag differentiation

Conquer new markets and challenge your competitors!

Think out of the box, this is how the most successful companies achieve their goals!

We'll try to help you in this in the coming days...

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codimag print quality

Achieve upmost quality on all substrates!

If Aniflo offers the converters to print for most demanding markets such as security printing, wine and beverage, food, pharmaceutical... everything would be possible for you with Aniflo! We are glad to explain it shortly in this article.

With Aniflo, you can even print what others can’t… sky is the limit!

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codimag productivity

Maximise the output of your equipment!

Printing millions of labels per month using only one machine? It looks familiar to us ;)

We'll explain you how right after finishing this very long run our customer in China is printing...

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codimag sustainability

Refuse planned obsolescence!

Your machine will not "explode" at the end of the warranty... nor 15 years after! Our machines are made of iron, and our DNA is long term relationship.

See you soon in this article

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codimag enthusiasm joy happiness

Create happiness internally and satisfaction for your customers!

You know what? We are happy to see your smile :)

See you for a "feel good" article very soon.

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codimag eco friendly

Reduce the environmental footprint of your activity!

Still want to continue your business on planet earth? We are not WWF, but we love pandas too ;)

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codimag digitalization digital printing

Optimize and streamline your internal workflow and process!

MIS + digital Pre-press + connected Press: the 3 Musketeers for a smoother workflow!

D'Artagnan is finishing this article shortly !

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codimag efficiency

Boost your production with expanded gamut printing!

Expanded gamut Printing ? Not for you ? Really? Trust us, your eyes will not believe it!

A colorful article is coming. Meanwhile, you can read this other article: Mixing the inks or mixing the dots !

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codimag proximity

We are here for you! Feel free to contact Annie!

We speak many languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese), and many more including our agents! You don't believe us ? Then try us !

More details to come, in English and not only !

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